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Bliss: Triple Oxygen Cleansing Foam

beauty bitches are loving Bliss's latest cleanser, the triple oxygen instant energizing cleansing foam.

this sulfate-free cleanser is super foamy and removes impurities and all traces of makeup (yes, even waterproof!). added doses of oxygen from majus leaf flower and regenerative soy plant proteins leaves skin radiant and nourished. chamomile and aloe soothe skin, while vitamin C brightens. the best part is that skin is not stripped- but left super hydrated and soft, plus it’s great for every skin type.

trust us beauties, you need this Bliss cleanser in your life!!

<3 heather + molly

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my boyfriend is now a beauty bitch?!

After numerous attempts to get my boyfriend to use a daily cleanser, he has now turned me on to one. Yes, i am wondering what on earth is going on!

While he was on tour in Chicago a few months back, he told me had tried this awesome cleanser while staying at a friend’s place. Of course he couldn’t remember what brand it was but said it tingled and was in a silver and blue container. I instantly knew it had to be from the men’s skincare line, ZIRH and I was right. Clean, ZIRH's purifying cleanser, contains several AHA's (alpha hydroxy acids) including glycolic, lactic, and malic. These acids will help speed up your cellular turnover (byebye wrinkles!), get rid of flaky dead skin, unclog blackheads, and help fade discolorations. It also doubles as a toner, kills bacteria, and has menthol to soothe.

Recently I surprised him with a bottle and had to try it out myself. What can i say, I’m in love with it! I’ve been using Clean for about a month now and my skin looks and feels super soft and radiant, (not to mention i have yet to breakout)!

This one def makes our bitch list. Thank you, baby ;)

<3 heatherB

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